Larisa sees style through eyes that had fallen in love with art before her consciousness caught up. Having completed a course in Fashion Styling and Production from the London College of Fashion at University of the Arts London she has merged her sense of giving life to emotions through style with a studied grasp of fashion references and knowledge of what’s happening in the industry. Not long after designers, influencers and style icons gather around a setlist of trends and microtrends, these become fast—fashion, especially in an era taken over by digital information and social media. And she offers to do it for those who aspire to speak of their self—worth through their image. Offering freelance personal styling and image consulting, Larisa is set to capture personal edges and vibes, with an eye for detail and a wish to create an effect in tune with her client’s energy. She senses fashion as an influential, ever—changing and often controversial art, that holds a power few do — it can be used to show who you are as easily as it can be used to hide who you are.
EYEDEA thus becomes a virtual creative space where Larisa does exactly this — challenges, curates, reshuffles the rules, and strives to truly awake emotions via style.
Borrowing influences from different sources of culture, art and emotion, she aims to create an eclectic space of carefully studied negligence that is left free to inspire.
All the while, the aim of this mood board—like platform is to show one can challenge perceptions of oneself through fashion, through what and how one chooses to express their individuality.

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